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Amazon Quiz (June 24. 2021): This character was named in honour of whom?

Amazon Quiz (June 24, 2021): In which country is an AI powered drone project set up to detect and map the most important habitats of Maui and Hector dolphins?

Amazon Quiz (June 24, 2021): The 'Plain of Jars' is a mysterious megalithic archaeological landscape located in which country?

Amazon Quiz (June 23, 2021): In which year did he receive the Nobel Peace Prize?

Amazon Quiz (June 23, 2021): Project Dantak, a project of Border Roads Organisation, just completed 60 years. It was undertaken in which neighbouring country?

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Amazon Quiz (June 23, 2021): Commercial Crew Program to carry astronauts to and from the International Space station is a partnership between private industry and whom?

Project VIPIN (Vastly Integrated Processes Inside Nature) Leaps Ahead Mumbai, Maharashtra, India (NewsVoir) Indian American author Dr. Vipin Gupta, who has been globally recognized for his ...

Amazon Quiz (June 22, 2021): Which organisation outlines the global strategy on occupational safety and health?

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Amazon Quiz (June 22, 2021): Whereabouts' is the latest book released by which famous author of Indian origin?

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Amazon Quiz (June 22, 2021): Microsoft entered into a partnership with whom to build the world's most powerful weather and climate forecasting supercomputer by 2022?