Rajahmundry, Andhra Pradesh, India (NewsVoir) Fitness studios have come a long way. Despite the major hit taken by the fitness industry during the last year or so of the pandemic, the industry ...

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World Heart Day is observed on September 29 (Photo Credit: Unsplash/Representational)

  • September 29 is observed as World Heart Day every year
  • The theme for World Heart Day 2021 is 'Use heart to connect'
  • Cardiovascular diseases are among the leading causes of deaths across the world

.New Delhi, Delhi, India
Sahil Khan on Instagram. (Photo Credits: Instagram/@sahilkhan)

  • Sahil Khan, the 44-year-old actor, is popularly regarded as India’s aesthetic King of fitness.
  • His role in the Bollywood hit film ‘Style’ directed by N. Chandra is remembered fondly.
  • Manoj Patil has mentioned Sahil's name in his suicide note blaming him for mental harassment.

Srinagar, Sep 1 (PTI) The Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) in Kupwara district has booked an Assistant Regional Transport Officer (ARTO) and three other persons under the Prevention of Corruption ...

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Exercises involving kettlebells allow you to train both the limbs equally. (Photo credit: Pixabay)

  • Kettlebells are a cast iron or cast steel ball with a handle attached to the top
  • Kettlebell exercises improves posture and muscle health
  • A kettlebell workout is used to perform strength and endurance exercise

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(Photo credit: Pixabay)

  • The ultimate goal of an effective workout is to strengthen body muscles and bones
  • Free weight exercises involve tools like dumbbells, kettlebell,  barbells etc
  • Exercises involving heavyweights  must be performed under experts' supervision

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Exercising at home has plenty of benefits. (Photo credit: Representational/unsplash)

  • Work-from-home has decreased the level of physical movement
  • Going to the gym is considered expensive by some section of the people
  • Use these everyday things that are available at home and get fit

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People with even a passing interest in exercise have heard by now of high-intensity interval training. (Photo credit: PTI)

  • The study shows that four-second interval workouts affect metabolism and muscles in adults of various ages.
  • Athletes interval trained to amp their speed and performance.
  • However, the ideal length of the individual intervals remains uncertain.

Diversify(Photo credit: Representative/Alex McCarthy on Unsplash)

  • Regular exercise offers numerous health benefits to your mental as well as physical health
  • Regular exercise, even  in areas with air pollution  reduces the risk of death from natural causes.
  • The study reinforces the importance of air pollution mitigation

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The correct way to text while sitting is to be to slide back. (Photo credit: Pixabay)

  • Wrong posture while using phone often result in neck and back pain
  • Phones should be kept at eye level while satnding up
  • Use a pillow when texting while lying down