Bryan Johnson, 45, tech tycoon and founder of Kernel, reportedly spends $2 million annually to slow down the aging process in his body. According to the Daily Mail, Johnson has a team of more than 30 doctors and medical professionals working with him to reach his goal of building an 18-year-old physique. Johnson must adhere to a rigorous vegan diet of 1,977 calories per day, an hour-long daily exercise schedule, intense workouts three times per week, and a regular bedtime as part of the Project Blueprint effort.

According to Johnson and his doctors, in just two years his biological age has decreased by more than five years, and he now has the heart and skin of a 37-year-old, the lung capacity and fitness of an 18-year-old, and the lung capacity of a 28-year-old. Oliver Zolman, 29, who does research on anti-aging medicines in Cambridge, is in charge of his medical staff, reported Bloomberg.

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Who is Bryan Johnson? 

Back when he was still a software engineer, Johnson founded a highly successful payment processing business. Long hours and additional stress from working to keep the business competitive led to his weight gain and depression. He sold his business to eBay in 2013 for $800 million and started focusing on becoming healthier. 

His passion for understanding how his biology worked led to the creation of a firm called Kernel that measures brain activity using helmets. Johnson, however, is of the opinion that the public lacks access to the crucial knowledge that could enable them to live healthy lives. In order to find a technique to turn back the hands of time, he collaborated with King’s College London medical graduate Oliver Zolman.

According to his LinkedIn, “In 2016 I started Kernel, personally backing the endeavor with $54M. The Kernel team includes world-class physicists, engineers and neuroscientists who systematically evaluated the viability of building a brain interface that could be mainstream. We found one in Kernel Flow,” he said.

“Our brains and minds remain mostly a black box. Just as you can’t self-introspect to determine your cholesterol, much of the highest-value information about ourselves and each other sits outside our conscious awareness. Kernel’s brain interfaces will usher in a new era for neuroscience, psychiatry, and cognitive wellness by quantifying what was once felt.”

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Johnson isn’t happy with what he has accomplished thus far, and despite spending $2 million annually on his routine—which is equivalent to a job—he still intends to push this further until he achieves an overall body age of an 18-year-old throughout body organs.