The controversial cult and religion Scientology has been making news once again as its leader, David Miscavige is officially termed missing or “no where to be found”. Miscavige has been serving as the leader of Scientology since 1986 after the death of founder L. Ron Hubbard. 

Miscavige is being prosecuted by former church members over a civil child trafficking suit. He has allegedly dodged the lawyers 27 times now and avoided coming to courts entirely. He and his wife are still known to be living in the premises of Church of Spiritual Technology, in rural Twin Peaks, California. However, Scientology spokesperson Karin Pour has reportedly disputed that Mr. Miscavige was missing. 

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Who is David Miscavige?

Born in 1960, David Miscavige was considered a 12-year-old prodigy serving as the youngest professional auditor at Hubbard’s Guidance centre in England. Hubbard personally assigned him his Director of Photography for the Scientology training films. He also served as the senior executive supervisor in Scientology Churches around the world.

David Miscavige is not new to controversies. He is known to have seized power from the former leader Hubbard. He has also made sure that the Church doesn’t have any heir groomed after him and have allegedly removed most top ranking leaders of the cult.

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Miscavige is being sought to serve for numerous pending cases including the Danny Masterson rape mistrial. He has allegedly been able to get away by constantly altering his address between California and Florida. Every time, lawyers approached his properties, security guards refused to accept and claimed not to know Miscavige’s whereabouts. 

Miscavige is also known to have shared a special relationship with Top Gun actor Tom Cruise who has been jokingly involved in the case during the Golden Globes.