Richard Tobin, the new boyfriend of Rachel Morin, who was murdered, has recently used social media to assert his innocence and refuse any involvement in her killing. He claimed that despite his criminal record, he was not involved in the incident that resulted in her death.

The 37-year-old mother of five, Rachel Morin, disappeared on Saturday, August 5, at around 6 o’clock. She left her home to travel the Maryland city of Bel Air’s Ma and Pa Trail. She may have been trekking with someone, but her new lover, Richard Tobin, reported her missing.

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Who is Richard Tobin?

Richard Tobin is 27 years old. He was the new boyfriend of Rachel Morin. The couple made their relationship official on social media four days back.

He has been detained 14 times since 2014, which points to a concerning pattern in his criminal history. He was arrested on different charges from drug peddling to assault, disorderly behavior, and resisting arrest. 

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With several arrests for criminal second-degree assault, disobeying restraining orders, drug possession, and malicious property destruction, Richard Tobin’s lengthy criminal history is alarming. He also has a history of traffic violations, a crime related to being a fugitive from justice, resisting arrest, and disorderly intoxication and behavior.

He was most recently charged with a misdemeanor second-degree assault on March 14, 2020, according to his criminal history.

After the news of Rachel Morin’s death fumed. Richard Tobin took to social media in an attempt to prove his innocence in the case. He made the post saying, “I love Rachel. I would never do anything to her, let the family and I grieve. Yes, I have a past but I also have 15 months clean and have changed as a person. Please.”

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Rachel Morin was last seen leaving her Bel Air, Maryland, home at around 6 p.m. on Saturday to go for a trek along the Ma and Pa Trail. Her body was recently discovered close to the 6.5-mile trail walking path. The identity of Rachel Morin’s body, though, has not yet been formally determined.