Harry’s, an American brand that specializes in men’s shaving, body, face, and hair products, recently worked with trans man Luke Wesley Pearson to advertise a new set of razors. Pearson broke the news on social media when he posted to his Instagram reel, tagged Harry’s, and wrote:

“Celebrating my first Pride with facial hair!”

Conservative netizens immediately compared Harry’s to Bud Light (the beer brand teamed with a trans woman in March for their banned ad) and urged that the brand be boycotted for being too “woke” and joining up with the LGBTQ+ community.

Furthermore, the internet chastised Harry’s for donating 100% of the proceeds from the new razor set to the Trevor Project, which supports gender-transitioning surgery for kids.

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According to Luke Weasley Pearson’s Instagram reel description, Harry’s and their sister brand Meet Flamingo (a US-based company focused on producing body, face, hair, and shaving amenities for women) collaborated with Brooklyn-based artist, illustrator, and LGBTQ+ advocate Ohni Lisle to create Harry’s 2023 Face & Body Shave Set.

The package comes with a razor handle, one Harry’s facial razor, and a Flamingo body razor. According to Pearson, who is promoting the set, the best part is that all earnings from the sale will go directly to the Trevor Project, a campaign encouraging gender transitioning. Pearson concluded his caption with: “Feeling handsome and proud to be me every day of the year. #HarrysPartner”

Who is Luke Wesley Pearson?

Luke Wesley Pearson is a lifestyle content creator living in Portland, Oregon with his wife, Kelsey.

He is shown demonstrating the Harry’s Razor set alongside a woman in the 34-second film. He also mentions how he was always envious of guys going through puberty, growing facial hair, and learning how to shave, all of which he missed out on as a child.

Following that, he is seen shaving his own beard, with in-reel text stating that he enjoys “growing a beard and maintaining it.”

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The clip concludes with him telling his audience that “razors aren’t gendered,” but are made for either the face or the body.

Internet Reacts to Promotional Campaign

Unfortunately for Luke Weasley Pearson, the trans digital creative, and Harry’s Razors, the promotional campaign did not sit well with online users, who chastised the latter for being too “woke” and following in the footsteps of Bud Light. Conservative men have gone on record saying that they will boycott the brand as a result of the recent move.

The Harry’s Razors issue follows a boycott of beer manufacturer Bud Light since May due to an endorsement arrangement with trans-TikTok influencer Dylan Mulvaney. In fact, conservative businessman Seth Weathers launched “Ultra-Right” beer last month in response to it.

Similarly, when a trans woman was hired for Hershey’s chocolate PR campaign to commemorate International Women’s Day in March, the right-wing was outraged by its “wokeness.” In response, Daily Wire’s conservative founder and CEO Jeremy Boreing launched Jeremy’s Chocolate. It was accompanied by a transphobic statement and a “He/Him” nuts chocolate bar on one hand and a “She/Her” ‘nutless’ bar on the other.

Boreing even launched Jeremy’s Razors as a brand of ‘non-woke’ toiletries for males after Harry’s Razors withdrew their ads from Daily Wire, citing the media company’s anti-LGBTQ+ material.