A school bus rollover on Old Columbia Road’s 7300 block in Columbia, MD, has left 2 individuals with priority-2 injuries and 15-20 with priority-3 injuries. Emergency responders swiftly arrived, tending to the injured as authorities launched an investigation into the cause.

In emergency medical services, injuries are often categorized based on their severity to prioritize treatment. Priority 2 injuries typically refer to those that are serious but not immediately life-threatening, requiring urgent medical attention. These injuries may include severe lacerations, fractures, or burns.

On the other hand, priority 3 injuries are considered less severe than priority 2 injuries. They still require medical attention, but they are not immediately life-threatening. Priority 3 injuries may include minor fractures, sprains, strains, or superficial wounds.

With details still emerging, concerns mount within the community for those involved. As efforts continue, residents await updates on the incident’s aftermath and measures to enhance safety on local roads.