A disabled black man was forcibly removed from his car without his wheelchair by Maryland deputies who apparently mistook him for a wanted individual. The entire incident unfolded as his family watched in horror.

The disturbing footage captures the moment when the man is approached by a police officer at his car window after being pulled over. Despite explaining that he is paralyzed, the officer instructs him to exit the vehicle. The man complies but is yanked out of the car, with the officer seemingly unaware of his paralysis.

The man’s wife can be heard informing the officers about her husband’s condition as he collapses onto the ground. Eventually, the officers set the man on the roadside while he questions the reasons behind his treatment. He is then maneuvered back into the car before his wife retrieves his wheelchair. Throughout the ordeal, the man continues filming as the officer attempts to justify their actions.

The incident escalates when the man is informed that he will be arrested for a crime that occurred in a different area. The video has sparked outrage online, with thousands of comments condemning the officers’ actions and demanding justice.

Viewers expressed shock and anger at the unnecessary use of force and handcuffing of the disabled man while he was seated in his wheelchair on the side of the road. Many called for accountability and expressed support for the victim and his family.