.Amsterdam, Netherlands
The museum already owns the almost identical drawing, “Worn Out.” (Photo Credit: AP)

  • Newly discovered Vincent Van Gogh drawing is going on show at the Amsterdam museum
  • The drawing has never been displayed publicly before
  • The “new” Van Gogh, "Study for ‘Worn Out,’” from November 1882, is part of a Dutch private collection

.Bristol, UK
The Moona Lisa statue has received mixed reactions on the internet. (Photo credit: Twitter/CraigShouldice)

  • The 'Moona Lisa' statue is part of the Vanguard exhibition at the M Shed, Bristol
  • It is based on underground artist Nick Walker's painting
  • The Moona Lisa is on show until October 31

.Zaandam, Netherlands
Claude Monet was a French artist (Representative Image/Unsplash)

  • Two robber attempted to steal painting by Claude Monet in Netherlands
  • It was in the Zaans Museum in Zaandam
  • Both suspects remain at large

.New Delhi, Delhi, India
Amrita Sher-Gil was born to Umrao Singh Sher-Gil Majithia, a Sikh scholar and a photographer and Marie Antoinette Gottesmann. (Photo Credit: UnSplash)

  • Amrita Sher-Gil is known for her artwork that blends Indian artforms with Western
  • The artist’s ‘In the Ladies Enclosure’ became the second most expensive Indian artwork sold internationally at Rs 37.8 crore.
  • The Government of India has declared her art pieces as National Art Treasures

.Athens, Greece
Two men are believed to have broken into the National Gallery in January 2012. (Photo Credit: Representational/ UnSplash)

  • 'Head of a Woman', gifted by Pablo Picasso to Greece in 1949, was recovered in the rural area of Keratea
  • Another painting stolen in the same heist, Piet Montrian's 'Stammer Windmill', was also found
  • A suspect has been arrested

.Toronto, ON, Canada
David Bowie attended art school and collected hundreds of artworks during his lifetime. (Photo credit: Instagram/ David Bowie)

  • The sale price blew past auction house Cowley Abbot's estimated $7,000 to $10,000 valuation
  • Auctioneer said a dozen bidders vied for the computer and acrylic collage on canvas
  • The painting was originally sold through a website around 2001

.New York, NY, USA
'The Moat, Breccles,' a signed 1921 oil landscape. (Photo credit: AFP)

  • The painting was gifted to Greek shipping magnate Aristotle Onassi in 1961
  • It was sold for $1.85 million at a Phillips auction in New York on Wednesday
  • Phillips has recreated the bar on the 'Christina', known as Ari's Bar

.New Delhi, Delhi, India
The Card Players was one of the most acclaimed paintings. (Photo credit: Twitter/@TripImprover)

  • 'Leonardo da Vinci' was bought by the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia 
  • ‘Interchange’ currently is on loan at the Art Institute of Chicago
  • 'NO 6 - Violet Green And Red' was painted in 1951 and was purchased for $ 186 millionin