Damar Hamlin‘s fans were super excited when the safety attended the Buffalo Bills vs Cincinnati Bengals playoff game on Sunday and made a heart gesture. However, some people on the Internet now are coming up with conspiracy theories saying that a body double was used in the 24-year-old safety’s place.

Hamlin collapsed on the field the last time the two sides met. Three weeks after the incident, the 24-year-old is recovering and came for the divisional game at the Highmark Stadium. Hamlin, wearing a mask, hoodie, and sunglasses, was shown on television and the stadium scoreboard as he gestured to his fans. However, it was hard to catch a glimpse of Hamlin’s face because of the bad weather in Buffalo.

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As Hamlin has not spoken to the media after his release from the hospital following his life-threatening cardiac arrest, fans speculated that a stand-in was used in his place. Hamlin’s face not being clearly visible during Sunday’s game added fuel to the fire.