Several military tanks were spotted across multiple US cities on Saturday. Social media users shared pictures and videos.

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Residents of Larkspur, Idaho Falls and other cities posted videos of military tanks on roads.

“Why are they rolling the tanks into the streets of cities? Is something bad about to happen..?! 👀” a Twitter user asked.

“Tanks now seen ONE THE GROUND in Idaho Falls, Idaho adding another state to the list of recent sightings.. WHAT IS GOING ON?” another one added.

“Summer National guard training? It is usually 2weeks every summer. Sometimes it is series of 2 week exercises. How do you not know this? It happens every year. Hundreds of military vehicles crossing from point A to point B,” a third person guessed.

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There is no official statement explaining the sightings.

However in an attempt to end the hype. Experts claimed that the hype surrounding the military aircraft in the image is seen as fabricated. The military planes visible in the photos, according to these experts, are standard and to be expected during any state visit by a president. They emphasize once more that these aircraft sightings are not a sign of unusual events.

The clip of the incident spread across social media like wildfire and garnered views in huge numbers. Several users took to their social media to share the clip.

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One user reacting to the video said, “It’s just training. I just did simulations for the state concerning mass casualty events/active shooter. Every state is doing a cross-agency training to conduct how well different agencies fluently handle situations. Everybody calm down.”

The user claimed that they are taking part in active shooter and mass casualty simulations, highlighting the fact that these training exercises aim to gauge the collaboration and efficiency of multiple authorities in managing various crises.