Alyssa Griffin is a political strategist and a T.V. personality who was Director of Strategic Communications at the White House during Donald Trump’s office in 2020.

After Donald Trump’s indictment following the hush money case to cover up an alleged affair with adult actress Stormy Daniels, he attended his arraignment this Tuesday. There he plead not guilty to all of the 34 felony charges made against him. 

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Following this, a tweet was posted by Griffin where she talked about how for the first time in history, Donald Trump appeared to be alone and helpless. She mentioned that, unlike other times, Trump is not protected by aides, sources, lawyers, and bodyguards this time. She noted that watching the arraignment was almost surreal. 

During his arraignment this Tuesday, the presiding judge Juan Merchan also rejected a request which could exempt Trump from being present at his trials after this. Therefore, Donald Trump is forced to face the court by himself. 

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Alyssa Griffin is a right-wing supporter and wrote numerous articles for the WorldNetDaily (WND) as a Washington correspondent. The WND is widely known as a far-right fake news website promoting conspiracy theories and false claims. 

The website was founded by Griffin’s father, Joseph Farah, the editor of the Los Angeles Herald Examiner and The Sacramento Union. Alyssa claimed that she grew up in an environment that supported right-wing thoughts. 

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Alyssa’s mother is a journalist who has produced her subsequent work for Compstock and HuffPost. 

Alyssa Griffin, in 2017 was also the Special Assistant to Donald Trump and consecutively Press Secretary to Vice President Mike Pence. She is said to have played an essential role in forming the Trump Government’s response to the coronavirus. 

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However, the 2021 Capitol attacks caused Alyssa to blame Trump for inciting violence among his supporters and asking them to carry out the Capitol raid. She reportedly suggested Trump’s resignation.