Saint Von Colucci, a Canadian actor, died on Sunday morning at a South Korean hospital after developing complications from multiple plastic surgeries he had in the last one year to look like Jimin, the BTS star. Colucci was reportedly trying to look like Jimin for a role in an upcoming TV series. He was 22.

Who was Saint Von Colucci?

Saint Von Colucci was a 22-year-old Canadian actor. According to TMZ, he underwent 12 plastic surgeries so that he could play the South Korean star in an upcoming streaming show. He did jaw implants, a nose job, a facelift, lip reduction, an eyebrow lift and an eye lift, among others.

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According to his publicist, Colucci developed an infection from one of the jaw implants. First done in November 2022, he went into surgery to remove them on Saturday night following the complication. The surgery did not go as expected and Colucci had to be intubated. He died hours later.

TMZ says that the actor had spent as much as $220,000 for the surgeries. The report further notes that Colucci was aware of the risks involved with the procedures, but still wanted to go ahead with them. He wanted to reshape his square jawline and chin to a V shape, per the report.

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Colucci moved to South Korea from Canada in 2019 to try and break into the music industry. He was always insecure about his look and felt that the reason behind not getting the roles was “discrimination” for his Western looks.

His publicist added that Pretty Lies – the TV series Colucci was trying to get into, wrapped up in December and will be airing on a major streaming network.