In response to allegations that he paid porn actress Stormy Daniels to remain silent about their alleged affair, former president Donald Trump says he will be arrested on Tuesday as per Daily Mail.

More than six years after Daniels was reportedly paid a total of $130,000 by Trump’s lawyers to remain silent about the affair, New York prosecutors are debating whether to press charges against the president.

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On his Truth Social account, Trump asserted that the Manhattan District Attorney’s office will arrest him in the coming days and decried the investigation as being “corrupt and highly political.” He also referred to the alleged hush money payment as a “old and fully debunked fairy-tale.”

After entering a guilty plea in two criminal cases, one of which involved using campaign funds in connection with Daniels and another woman who was supposedly having an affair with Trump, Cohen was sentenced to prison.

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He claimed that he had been acting on his instructions and that the payoffs were intended to prevent the 2016 election from being impacted by the adultery rumors. Trump has acknowledged paying Cohen back.

Daniels met with the prosecution on Wednesday to respond to additional inquiries regarding the case, and according to her attorney Clark Brewster, she agreed to be accessible as a witness in the future if necessary.

Cohen has also claimed that he provided the grand jury with the damning evidence linking Trump to the crime. On Monday, he gave a three-hour testimony.

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He declared in advance: “This is all about responsibility. He must be held responsible for his immoral actions.

When Bragg informed Trump’s team that the former president could appear before the grand jury if he so chose – a notice typically at the end of a process that could indicate an indictment is approaching – speculation that charges were imminent also grew.

This week, Joseph Tacopina, Trump’s attorney, added to the growing likelihood of a charge by stating that the most recent events made it more likely.

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But the only thing I still cling to is the belief that justice will ultimately triumph, he said. Tacopina added that he hopes Mark Pomerantz’s office, who went searching for a crime that matched the person, “won’t stoop to the level of Alvin Bragg’s office in Manhattan.” Tacopina made a reference to a memoir written by Mark Pomerantz, a former special assistant district attorney in Manhattan who oversaw the investigation into Donald Trump for a full year starting in February 2021.

Last Friday, Trump’s attorney wrote to the head of the New York City Department of probe to accuse Bragg and his predecessor, Cyrus Vance, Jr., of conducting a “politically motivated investigation.”

It is difficult to contend that the earlier investigations were politically motivated, according to Vance.

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According to Tacopina, the prosecutors “weaponized” their position by “searching every aspect of President Trump’s personal life and business affairs, going back decades, in the hopes of finding some legal basis — however improbable, novel, or convoluted — to prosecute him.”