Donald Trump’s key lawyer Evan Corcoran, who was involved in turning over classified-marked documents at the Mar-a-Lago resort to the justice department last year, has been ordered to provide additional testimony in the criminal investigation, a top judge ruled on Friday, overriding his objections of attorney-client privilege protections.

The ruling is a major moment in the investigation into Trump’s unauthorized retention of national security information and obstruction of justice that could open up new avenues of information to the special counsel overseeing the matter.

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Who is Evan Corcoran?

Evan Corcoran has emerged in recent months as a main figure in the ongoing Mar-a-Lago raid saga as one of former President Donald Trump’s most recent legal hires. He was once a low-profile defense lawyer. Corcoran joined Trump’s legal team in April 2022. According to the Washington Post, Trump offered Corcoran the job without ever having met him.

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Corcoran was born on July 28, 1964, to Thomas J Corcoran, a four terms US Representative from Illinois, and Helen Marie A Corcoran. He attended a local high school. He graduated with an Associate’s degree in politics in 1986 from Princeton University. In 1991, he got a Juris Doctor from Georgetown University Law Center.

Corcoran is a partner at the Baltimore law firm Silverman, Thompson, Slutkin, and White. He represented an insurance company in a $4 billion insurance coverage case stemming from the World Trade Center collapse and defended corporate officials in the Justice Department’s cartel investigations.

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Apparently, the lawyer made a name for himself in complex business litigation and government enforcement actions before becoming ensnared in the legal woes of Trumpworld.

Before joining Trump, Corcoran represented Steve Bannon, former chief strategist for the Trump administration, in his contempt of Congress case.

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In early 2020, he was in line to become the second-ranking official in the federal prosecutor’s office under Tim Shea, a top Trump-era Justice Department official. Shea had been appointed as the acting US attorney in Washington by then-Attorney General William Barr.