Three women were found dead by stabbing on Friday at a home in Queens, New York. The incident happened at a residence on 182nd Street near 146th street, according to law enforcement.

The three women, aged 26, 46 and 57, were discovered dead by a home health aide at 10:40 am on Friday, the police said. Nothing about their identity has been revealed as of now.

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Sources told New York Post that one victim was apparently bedridden. Upon arrival, the police pronounced all the victims dead at the scene. A senior police official told NBC that all the victims were stabbed in the neck. 

One member of the family, who lived with the women at the same residence, has still not been tracked. The person is believed to have fled the scene at around 5 am and the police are trying to track them down. 

According to a senior law enforcement officer familiar with the investigation, the attack seems to be of a domestic character. According to the senior official, one of the deceased women was a grandmother, and police are seeking to speak with the fled relative of hers in relation to the killings.

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The area was heavily cordoned off by law officers, as shown on a Chopper 4 video. The property appeared to be on a peaceful residential block, and the location is not far from JFK airport.

This is a developing story and more details will be added.