A 30-year-old woman was arrested on trespassing charges in
Texas after she allegedly infiltrated a school dressed as her 13-year-old
daughter for an alleged social media stunt. The woman identified as Casey Garcia dyed
her hair and dressed up as a teenager to test the security at her daughter’s school.

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Authorities say Garcia disguised herself with a sweater and
a facemask, then pretended to be her daughter for a full day of classes at a
middle school in El Paso.

Video posted on Garcia’s YouTube channel shows her
disguising herself as a child, walking the halls of a school, sitting through
classes, and taking photos in the school restroom. “Going to school as my 13yr
old daughter (Middle School edition),” the video title reads.

The 6-minute video, which has now gone viral, shows Garcia
wearing a yellow hoodie before actually walking the hallways of the school,
attending classes, and even taking selfies in the toilet. She is seen wearing a
facemask all the time.

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Unfortunately for her, the elaborate plan didn’t end well as
a teacher noticed she wasn’t Julie, during the final period of the day. She was
arrested for criminal trespassing and tampering with government records.

Garcia put out another video in her defense and said she
didn’t do the stunt for ‘likes’ or to cause any problems for the school. “I
didn’t do this to ruffle any feathers, I didn’t do this to out the school,
because I was never going to say what school district or what school it was,
they put that out there themselves,” she said.

“We need better
security at our schools, this is what I tried to prove, and I don’t mean to be
curt but I kind of feel like I proved it,” she added.