Madison Lewis, a 17-year-old senior from Jacksboro High School in Texas, has been fighting for her life following a tragic incident that occurred during a holiday gathering. In a horrifying turn of events, a boy threw a pan filled with gasoline onto a fire, causing an explosion. This resulted in Madison suffering burns to 90% of her body. Since the incident, she has been unresponsive and has undergone multiple surgeries​​​​​​​​.

Who is Madison Lewis?

Specific details about Madison Lewis’s background are limited. What is known is that she is a senior at Jacksboro High School in Texas. The community has been deeply affected by the tragic event, rallying support for her and her family during this challenging time​​.

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Madison’s condition remains critical, with her being unresponsive in the hospital. The severity of her injuries has necessitated multiple surgeries over the holiday season. The medical team is working tirelessly to stabilize her condition and address the extensive burns she suffered in the accident​​.

The incident has shocked and saddened the local community and beyond. Efforts to support Madison and her family are ongoing, reflecting the deep impact this tragedy has had on all those who know her and others who have been moved by her plight.

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Unfortunately, more detailed personal background information on Madison Lewis is not available at this time. The focus remains on her recovery and the support from her community.