Similarities in several recent homicides in Stockton, California, have resulted in the police creating a multi-agency task force in September 2022. According to the authorities, a total of 43 homicides have been investigated in Stockton in the ongoing year and some of the recent ones, a pattern has been found.

The victims in several recent cases were killed at night or in the early morning. Stockton police have also said that the killings took place when the victims were walking or inside their vehicles. While the police have said that they do not possess information indicating a serial killer is associated with the killings, they also haven’t ruled out the possibility of one. 

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Let’s take a look at the five serial killers in the US who are still active.

The Denver Prostitute Killer

At least 17 women became victims of the Denver Prostitute Killer in two decades between 1975 and 1995. However, these killings were not associated with a serial killer till 2008.

All of the victims of the Denver Prostitute Killer were female and between 15 and 25. They were beaten and later choked to death. The majority of the victims were later discovered to be prostitutes who were regulars in bars and fast-food restaurants.

West Mesa Bone Collector

One of the most high-profile serial killing cases in the history of the United States, the West Mesa Bone Collector is associated with a series of murders in Albuquerque, New Mexico six years between 2003 and 2009.

As many as 11 women, one of whom was pregnant, were the victims of these crimes and their corpses were found buried in West Mesa. It was later revealed that the majority of the victims worked as prostitutes. The identity of the killer remains a mystery to this day.

Long Island Serial Killer

Also known as the Gilgo Beach Killer or the Manorville Butcher, the Long Island Serial Killer is associated with the killing of 10 women whose corpses were recovered from Gilgo Beach, New York in 2010.

Similar to the other cases, the majority of the victims were prostitutes. The case remains unsolved to this day.

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Jeff Davis 8

This serial killer is infamous for eight murders that took place across four years between 2005 and 2009. All of the victims were discovered to be residents of Jennings, Louisiana and the killer was never identified.

The Chicago Strangler

The identity of this killer was never found. The victims in these cases also worked as prostitutes. The Chicago Strangler is associated with more than 50 counts of murders since 2001 and all of the killings took place in Chicago. The victims were women between 18 and 58, black and most had prior rap sheets. The Chicago Police Department later made claims that they found no connection of serial killing in these cases.