An AP-NORC poll, conducted from last Friday to Monday, also found that the majority of voters “definitely” won’t support Trump’s potential White House comeback bid in 2024. This was after Donald Trump was indicted by the Department of Justice (DOJ) for his role during the January 6 insurrection but before he was indicted for his efforts to overturn the Georgia 2020 election results.

In particular, 53% of all voters said they would certainly not support Trump in the upcoming presidential election, while another 11% said they would probably not support his campaign. This results in a 64% anti-Trump vote, which is just a little higher than his unfavourable percentage.

Donald Trump bashed Fox News, claiming that it is working with other Republican candidates to figure out who can beat him in the GOP primary.

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The former president took to Truth Social to say that the network is “going all out, just as they did in 2016, to figure who in this very large, but failing, Republican field, can beat your favorite President, Donald John Trump”.

“They use only the most negative polls, which are still great for me, and do everything possible to show that they still have a chance,” he added. “They even pull out nice guy Marc Thiessen to do contortions with numbers that just don’t exist. On top of all that, I am the only one beating, by a lot, Crooked Joe Biden, the WORST ‘P’ EVER!”

On Wednesday, Mr. Thiessen, a columnist for the Washington Post, a commentator for Fox News, and a former director of speechwriting for George W. Bush’s White House, stated on X, the website that replaced Twitter, that “64 percent of Americans say they definitely or probably won’t vote for Trump in 2024 (53 percent definitely + 11 percent probably). the GOP is like watching a slow-moving train crash.

He was making reference to Associated Press research and polling that showed Mr. Trump had consistent and growing support within the Republican Party but was losing ground with the broader population.

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Republicans have argued that the party needs to pick a new standard-bearer because Mr. Trump’s popularity with the general public has declined since the 2020 election as a result of the Capitol riot and the chaos that has surrounded him, particularly in relation to his mounting legal issues and the plethora of felony charges he is facing.

Historian Aaron Aster wrote, “The key item in this poll is that 53% will ‘definitely not’ vote for Trump. 43% will ‘definitely not’ vote for Biden. (10-11% ‘probably’ won’t vote for each, respectively). The ‘definitely’ numbers are more important at this stage bc they set the parameters of possible outcomes.”