Aaron Rodgers will not feature on ESPN’s The Pat McAfee Show for the rest of the NFL season, according to host Pat McAfee.

Quarterback Aaron Rodgers is suspended from appearing on ESPN’s The Pat McAfee Show for the remainder of the NFL season, as announced by host Pat McAfee. The decision follows Rodgers’ controversial comments regarding Jimmy Kimmel, suggesting ties between Kimmel and the late convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein.

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Aaron Rodgers (x/@theathletic)

McAfee made the announcement, stating, “So ‘Aaron Rodgers Tuesdays’ Season Four is done. There are gonna be a lot of people happy with that, myself included.” While Rodgers’ contracted appearances typically aligned with the NFL regular season, McAfee’s declaration seemed to emphasize the host’s creative control and a response to recent negative publicity surrounding the show.

Rodgers’ comments sparked a public exchange with Kimmel, who demanded an apology and hinted at legal action, asserting that Rodgers’ words put his family in danger. Rodgers clarified his comments on a subsequent show but stopped short of offering an apology.

Pat McAfee acknowledged Rodgers’ significance in NFL history, calling him a “Hall of Famer” and a “massive piece of the NFL story.” However, he expressed relief at not dealing with Rodgers’ non-sports commentary every Wednesday. McAfee defended the show’s commitment to free speech but acknowledged facing consequences for exercising that freedom.

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While McAfee did not address Rodgers’ future on the show beyond this season, he stated, “I’m pumped that’s no longer gonna be every Wednesday of my life, which it has been for the last few weeks.” Rodgers’ agent, representatives from The Pat McAfee Show, and ESPN have not immediately responded to requests for comments.

The suspension raises questions about the future dynamics between Rodgers and the sports talk show, leaving room for speculation on whether this separation will extend beyond the current NFL season.