In response to Jimmy Kimmel’s remarks associating him with Jeffrey Epstein, Aaron Rodgers addresses the feud on ESPN’s ‘The Pat McAfee Show.’

New York Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers has taken to ‘The Pat McAfee Show’ to address the recent feud with comedian Jimmy Kimmel. The dispute ignited when Rodgers suggested on the show last week that Kimmel might be linked to Jeffrey Epstein, the late financier accused of sex trafficking. Kimmel, denying any association, threatened Rodgers with a lawsuit and expressed concern for his family’s safety. 

Aaron Rodgers (x/@primetimecar)

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Rodgers, returning to McAfee’s show, mentioned his history with Kimmel, dating back to Covid times, where Kimmel made jokes about Rodgers’ immunization. Rodgers criticized Kimmel’s comments about unvaccinated individuals not deserving treatment, stating it went against the principles of a hospital. He also took a swipe at Dr. Anthony Fauci, accusing him of spreading misinformation during the Covid era.

Kimmel, responding during his late-night ABC show, expressed doubt about receiving an apology from Rodgers, labeling him “hamster-brained” and making light of Rodgers’ report card with two ‘A’s,’ both in the name Aaron. The comedian suggested Rodgers revisit his concussion profile in light of recent events. With both ABC and ESPN owned by Walt Disney Corp., the feud has placed the parent company in an awkward position, prompting them to largely remain silent.

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The ongoing dispute has heightened tensions and highlighted the challenges faced by corporations with multiple affiliated entities in managing controversies involving public figures. Rodgers is set to make another appearance on McAfee’s show, continuing the back-and-forth exchange with Kimmel.

As the war of words continues, the public and media await further developments in this unlikely clash between a football star and a late-night talk show host.