An American Eagle jet, operating as Flight 5811 and managed by Piedmont, experienced a runway slide-off incident at the Frederick Douglass Greater Rochester International Airport on Thursday afternoon. The Embraer E-145 aircraft was arriving from Philadelphia when it veered off the runway and into the grass while turning onto a taxiway around 4 PM. There were 50 passengers and 3 crew members on board at the time of the incident.

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No Injuries Reported

Remarkably, no injuries were reported among the passengers or crew. The airport’s emergency response teams were quick to respond to the situation, and passengers were safely transported to the main terminal by bus. The area experienced light snow at the time, which is being considered as a potential factor in the incident, although the exact cause has yet to be determined.

Response and Investigation

The incident attracted significant emergency personnel and various agencies to the scene. Efforts to remove the aircraft from its unintended position were swiftly initiated.

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The airport officials and relevant aviation authorities have launched an investigation into the exact causes of the mishap, considering factors like weather conditions and the aircraft’s handling on the runway.