Andrew Tate’s house lost power during his emergency meeting live stream on Rumble. More than 400k viewers watched the former professional kickboxer and his brother Tristian.

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The Tate brothers openly addressed ongoing investigations into human trafficking and organized crime in Romania during their live-streaming session. Their discussion shed light on the gravity of these issues and the efforts being taken to address them.

Andrew Tate, a controversial social media celebrity, made a highly anticipated return to live streaming on the famous platform Rumble, accompanied by his brother. This was his first appearance since being released from a Romanian prison. The event drew a lot of attention from his fans and the online community, who had been waiting for his homecoming and were eager to hear his thoughts and experiences after his release.

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An unexpected turn of events occurred during the captivating live session when Tate’s residence experienced a sudden power loss, right during the broadcast of the ‘Emergency Meeting.’ This unexpected incident has sparked a flood of curiosity and ideas among spectators, with some even dubbing it a “Matrix Attack.” The unusual nature of this occurrence has prompted interest and debate, with individuals keen to learn what caused the power outage and how it related to the live session.

After which Tate tweeted, “The power in my house went out.”

As the live stream got buzzed with an unexpected obstruction. Several Twitter users shared their reactions to the incident.

One user wrote, “The matrix is trying to shut down the Top G”

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“The moment Tate start talking about the Matrix, the power went out. Coincidence? I’d Say MATRIX ATTACK.” another user tweeted.

While several Twitter users took a sarcastic jibe. One user wrote, “The compound doesn’t have a backup generator that automatically switches over? I thought you were a millionaire?”

“Thats why crypto went down …Thanks Andrew 🤝🫵” another user wrote.