Former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger was involved in a traffic accident in west Los Angeles on Sunday, TMZ reported. The 75-year-old hit a woman bicyclist. The movie star was driving in West LA Sunday morning when at some point, a woman riding a bike on the road suddenly swerved into his lane and made with his vehicle.

According to the report, the woman made a left turn in front of Arnold before he had a chance to hit his brakes. He was not going very fast, although the woman did complain of pain afterward.

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TMZ reported, the woman is in stable condition and no alcohol or drugs are suspected. No crime is suspected either and this seems to just be a simple traffic accident.

First responders arrived on the scene and the woman was admitted to a hospital to be treated for minor injuries. She is reportedly in stable condition. Arnold took the lady’s bike, attached it to his car, and took it to a local bike shop to get it fixed up.

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The “Expendables” star, who is an avid bicyclist himself, does not appear to be injured. An investigation into the accident is reportedly underway but police already determined that Schwarzenegger could not have avoided the accident.

Schwarzenegger has had a bad stroke of luck with motor vehicle accidents, lately. In January 2022, he was involved in a multi-car crash in Brentwood, California.

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The former bodybuilder was driving a GMC Yukon at the time when it collided with a red Prius that rolled over a smaller vehicle before continuing to rotate and impact a Porche Cayenne. He walked away from that crash seemingly uninjured, but another person involved sustained a head injury. At the time the “Predator” star was “deeply concerned” about the woman and intended to personally check up on her.