One person died and multiple were injured after an altercation between teenagers and adults in the area resulted in to a shooting incident.

According to Atlanta Police, at least five people were shot in the shooting on Market Street near Atlantic Station in northwest Atlanta.

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The victim who died in the incident was a male. However, he is yet to be identified. The suspected gunman also reportedly died on the scene.

Those involved in the shooting are believed to be between 15 and 21 years old, Lieutenant Germaine Dearlove, the Atlanta Police Homicide Commander, said at a news conference. He added that there is a possibility of two shooters involved at the scene Saturday night.

“They were removed for unruly behavior and also curfew violations for Atlantic Station,” Dearlove told reporters.

“We have one male deceased on scene and several victims were transported to area hospitals,” Dearlove said. “Currently homicide investigators are on scene working to establish a lead on the case and also suspect information and also identify involved parties.”

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No arrests have been made yet in connection with the shooting.

Atlantic Station consists of retail and residential outlets. In a statement to AP, a spokesperson for the company said it was aware of the shooting and cooperating with investigators.