Ben Shapiro, a well-known conservative political analyst, has been blasted online for criticizing the White House Pride flag, which has ‘replaced’ the American flag.

Shapiro said, “Not one American soldier fought and bled for this flag. Not one American taxpayer paid taxes to the government for this flag. Not one law has been passed under a government elected under this flag. The ideological coup is complete.”

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An internet user, who is also an army veteran, slammed Shapiro and said, “As a veteran, I served for the freedom of all Americans. You don’t have the right to tell me what I served for.”

Shapiro was urged by many others to be offended by issues that call for change.

Two Stars and Stripes flags were flying on the president’s mansion on Pennsylvania Avenue facing the South Lawn, flanking the flag. The decision by US President Joe Biden’s administration to fly a Pride flag in the colors of the rainbow at the White House on Sunday (June 11) has drawn a lot of criticism.

The American flag must always be displayed in the center of any display that includes multiple national flags or pennants, according to critics who claim that this does not follow the US Flag Code. The flag itself also caused controversy, with many people objecting to the LGBTQ emblem hanging from the structure, in addition to the flag’s placement.

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The American flag is being flown on top of the White House in the middle of the building, so the flag code is not being broken, defenses of the flag responded to the accusations of a code violation by posting the following message in response to a picture of the White House with the ‘offending’ symbol front and center.

The exhibit was prominently displayed at the White House during Vice President Biden’s Pride Month celebration, where the president commended the LGBTQ community as having “some of the bravest and most inspiring” members he has ever known.

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Shapiro has long been a conservative political analyst on the right-wing internet. He founded The Daily Wire, a conservative media network that hosts other contentious speakers such as Candace Owens and Matt Walsh. Shapiro frequently expresses his views with his characteristic catchphrase and book titled “facts don’t care about your feelings,” and identifies with “libertarian ideas.”