At least one person died and several were injured in a raging fire at an apartment building on the Bronx River Road in Yonkers, Westchester County.

The flames broke out at around 1 AM. The building has 95 apartment units, as per Property Sharks. The fire had intensified to four alarms within an hour.

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Officials said that multiple civilians and firefighters sustained injuries. They have been hospitalised.

One resident, as per ABC 7, said that he saw a fighter bring a baby down on the fire escape. He says she had no shoes on.

The cause of the fire has not been confirmed yet.

Another man, according to authorities, was saved while “hanging out a fourth story window.”

According to the fire chief, the building’s position is on an incline, making it more difficult for crews to extinguish the flames. He adds that it is challenging because of the temperature. In this apartment complex, over 90 households reside. Over 100 people are now without a house due to this fire.

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After New York City and Buffalo, Yonkers is the third most populous community in the state of New York. It was built along the Hudson River. It is situated immediately to the north of the Bronx and roughly two miles (three kilometres) north of Marble Hill, Manhattan, which is the northernmost point in Manhattan. It is categorized as an inner suburb of New York City.

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The city of Yonkers is guarded by 459 firefighters from the Yonkers Fire Department (YFD), who are led by a Fire Commissioner and three Deputy Chiefs. Founded in 1896, the YFD operates out of 11 fire stations spread across the city in two battalions, each led by a different Assistant Chief.