In the early hours of Friday morning, a shooting in southwest Fresno has left two men hospitalized, according to the Fresno Police Department. The incident occurred just before 4 am at the intersection of West Kearney Boulevard and Marks Avenue. A concerned caller reported witnessing what seemed to be a shootout between two cars in the vicinity.

Upon arrival, law enforcement was unable to locate the involved vehicles but discovered shell casings at the scene, indicating gunfire. Subsequently, Community Regional Medical Center informed the police that two individuals with gunshot wounds had been brought to the hospital.

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One of the victims underwent emergency surgery and is currently in critical condition, while the other man is expected to survive his injuries. The authorities are actively investigating the circumstances leading up to the shooting, seeking to determine the motives and events surrounding the incident.

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As part of the ongoing investigation, the intersection of West Kearney and Marks will remain closed, affecting normal traffic flow. The closure is a precautionary measure to facilitate a thorough examination of the crime scene and gather crucial evidence. Law enforcement is working diligently to piece together the details of the shooting, emphasizing the importance of community safety in the aftermath of this unsettling incident.