The Kane County Sheriff’s Office has confirmed that all students and staff at Dundee-Crown High School are safe and have been released from school. The lockdown, initially imposed as a precautionary measure due to active shooter reports, has been lifted as law enforcement cleared the school.

The situation, once tense, has been deemed a false alarm. Authorities clarified that there were no injuries or actual incidents involving a shooter. The incident underscores the importance of thorough response protocols and the need to ensure the safety of educational environments.

School Superintendent Susan Harkin had assured parents and students that everyone was safe, but the precautionary lockdown barred entry and exit from the building.

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The incident, initially unverified, prompted multiple authorities, including SWAT teams, to respond swiftly to the scene. Despite the uncertainty, officials clarified that no actual incident was occurring within or outside the school premises.

Parents dropping off students were advised to await building administration’s instructions, while bus riders remained on buses until the lockdown lifted. The lockdown’s implementation was marked by cooperation between the district and law enforcement, underscoring their commitment to ensuring the safety of students and staff.

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While the incident was later confirmed not to involve an active shooter, the lockdown served as a precautionary measure during the ongoing investigation. The situation illuminated the importance of swift response and preparedness in safeguarding educational institutions and their communities.