The Chandler Fashion Center in Arizona saw the presence of law enforcement officers on Monday evening after a shooting incident was reported outside the mall. So far, no victims have been located, according to police.

Are guns allowed inside the Chandler Fashion Center?

The mall’s website does not clarify its gun policy. However, posts on the ‘Open Carry Forum’ indicate that firearms are not welcome inside the mall premises. In 2009, a user explained that he was escorted out of the Chandler Fashion Center after a convenience store staff member reported he was carrying a gun.

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The individual also reached out to WestCor, a group that owns the Chandler Fashion Center in Arizona. He got no response.

What do Arizona gun laws say about carrying?

Arizona’s Constitutional Carry law (est. July 29, 2010) allows individuals above the age of 21 to carry a legally purchased firearm (loaded and concealed) without a permit from the government.

Federal laws, however, restrict the constitutional carry from certain areas. These include businesses serving alcohol, polling stations, K-12 school grounds, commercial nuclear and hydroelectric generating stations, military and government installations, national parks, correctional facilities, federal buildings, airports and more.

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What about gun-related crime in Arizona?

Arizona, which has loose gun control laws, has seen an uptick in mass shootings over the decades, local media reported.

According to reports from AZCentral citing researchers, the state has seen at least 19 school shootings since the 1970s. Four mass shootings have been reported in Arizona since the start of 2022.

The firearm death rate lists Arizona at the 18th spot, with approximately 15.8 of every 100,000 deaths being tied to gun violence. The firearm death rate ranges from 2.5 in Hawaii and to 24.5 in Alaska.