Constance Wu  said that she was “scared” of losing her job on Fresh Off the Boat if she reported the regular sexual harassment she faced on the set of the comedy series, the actress told ABC News’ Juju Chang. 

The 40-year-old actress claimed that a producer on the show would regularly sexually harass her but that her ordeal was “common” and “not that bad” in comparison to some of her other experiences. She has also alleged that she was raped by a different man she went on a date with. Both these incidents are laid out in her book, Making a Scene, which released on October 4. 

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Speaking on the Good Morning America show, Wu said that she was scared of her losing her job and that what she went through was “pretty common.” The Crazy Rich Asian’s actress said that she didn’t want to “stain the reputation” of the one show that showed off Asian American representation. 

In fact, Wu cites her the harassment as the cause of her infamous 2019 tweet about how she was “upset” that Fresh Off the Boat had been renewed for a sixth and final season. The tweet sparked intense backlash on Twitter which caused the actress to take a step back from social media. 

While she has said that her tweet was “reckless” and “dramatic” she feels that the backlash she received was unwarranted. 

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“The backlash was immediate. There was a huge pile on. I was essentially cancelled for coming off as ungrateful, and the most painful thing of all was that it was really the Asian American community that either ostracised or avoided me the most.” Wu said on Good Morning America. 

The backlash was severe and included a DM from another Asian actress who “shamed” her, the actress revealed, to the point that she considered taking her own life. 

Her book, Making a Scene, is a series of essays detailing moments in her life, from childhood memories, to sexual harassment to how she “made it” in Hollywood