Albuquerque, New Mexico experienced a moment of chaos as unconfirmed reports of an active shooter at Coronado Mall circulated rapidly. Eyewitnesses within the shopping center reported hearing shots, triggering panic and fear among shoppers. Multiple law enforcement agencies swiftly responded to the unfolding crisis, with details still emerging and the situation remaining fluid.

Albuquerque Police Officers, initially alerted while monitoring a demonstration at the Uptown Shopping Area, quickly diverted to Coronado Mall. Contrary to the initial reports, law enforcement determined there was no active shooter, and there are no reported injuries.

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Despite the absence of casualties, officers discovered at least one bullet casing, prompting an ongoing investigation to identify the individual responsible for firing the shot.

While the specifics remain unclear, early indications suggest that the shooting may have stemmed from a fight between two individuals, though it’s yet to be determined whether the altercation occurred inside or outside the mall.

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Coronado Mall management activated emergency response measures, collaborating closely with local authorities to ensure the safety of everyone on the premises. Multiple news crews are on-site, awaiting updates from authorities who are expected to share more information as the investigation progresses.