Daniel Ellsberg, the renowned whistleblower who exposed the extent of US involvement in the Vietnam War through the release of the Pentagon Papers, passed away at the age of 92.

While Ellsberg’s courageous act and subsequent legal battles against government misconduct have earned him international recognition, it is important to shed light on the remarkable woman who stood by his side throughout his journey: Patricia Marx Ellsberg.

Who is Patricia Marx Ellsberg?

Patricia Marx Ellsberg, Daniel Ellsberg’s second wife, played a significant role in supporting her husband’s endeavors and actively advocating for social change. Born into the prominent Marx family, known for their toy manufacturing business, Patricia embarked on her own path as a nationally syndicated reporter for public radio and a vocal opponent of the Vietnam War.

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It was during the height of the conflict in 1965 that Patricia first crossed paths with Daniel Ellsberg, who was working at the Pentagon at the time. Their shared dedication to social justice and opposition to the war sparked a connection that would evolve into a deep and lasting partnership. In August 1970, they exchanged vows and began their life together as husband and wife.

They have three children: Robert Ellsberg, Mary Ellsberg, Michael Ellsberg.

Patricia’s involvement in the peace and energy movements spans several decades, reflecting her unwavering commitment to effecting positive change. She has been a passionate advocate for disarmament, speaking alongside her husband at anti-war and anti-nuclear events. As a practicing Buddhist, Patricia draws from her spiritual beliefs to inform her activism and contributes to the teachings and writings on Buddhism.

Throughout the challenges and triumphs of Daniel Ellsberg’s whistleblowing journey, Patricia remained a steadfast pillar of support. She stood by his side, providing encouragement, understanding, and strength during the tumultuous legal battles that followed the release of the Pentagon Papers. Her unwavering belief in her husband’s cause and her own commitment to social change fortified their partnership.

Beyond her role as a supportive spouse, Patricia Marx Ellsberg is a remarkable individual in her own right. Her contributions to the peace movement and her commitment to advocating for a more just and equitable world deserve recognition. Together with Daniel, she has worked tirelessly to raise awareness about the dangers of nuclear weapons and government misconduct, embodying the spirit of patriotic whistleblowing.

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Daniel Ellsberg’s passing marks the end of an era, but his legacy, intertwined with Patricia’s, will endure. Their shared dedication to truth, justice, and peace has inspired countless individuals to question authority and work towards a better future. Patricia Marx Ellsberg’s continued activism and teachings will undoubtedly leave an indelible mark on those who follow in their footsteps.