Devon Archer, a former friend and business partner of Hunter Biden flashed a wide grin at reporters as he arrived for his testimony before House Oversight Committee on Monday.

Archer was in a business suit, with his hair sleeked back. As he arrived at the entrance of the Capitol Hill, he was surrounded by reporters. Although he refused to answer any questions, he did look back at the reporters and flash a wide smile.

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Here is a video:

Archer is set to testify in a close door meeting with Republican lawmakers about President Joe Biden‘s alleged involvement in his son’s business dealings back when he was the vice president in the Obama administration.

The investigation has been organized by House Oversight Committee chairman James Comer (R-HY). Conservative lawmakers have alleged that the Biden family received money in exchange for preventing Ukrainian energy company Burisma – in whose board sat Hunter and Archer in prominent positions – from getting investigated in Ukraine.

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 Archer could offer up details about how Joe Biden was present over the phone when Hunter spoke to Burisma executives at least a dozen times in the past. Archer also faces jail time over unrelated charges.

“He has an opportunity to come tomorrow to the House Oversight Committee and tell the truth. He has the opportunity to be a hero like the two whistleblowers were, like the judge in Delaware was who rejected the sweetheart plea deal,” Comer said. “Devon Archer could be in that category of Americans that just come and tell the truth. That’s all we want.”

Archer’s legal team told Politico that it is aware of speculation that the Department of Justice attempted to get him behind bars in order to stop him from meeting with the committee.