Text messages shared between President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden and his longtime friend and business partner, Devon Archer have surfaced before he is set to face the House Oversight Committee on Monday.

The text messages from 2018 reviewed by Fox News Digital shows Archer telling Hunter that November of that year that “judge threw out my conviction today.”

“Thank f—ing god! First good news in way too long my friend. I am so happy for you. I know its (sic) been a living hell but put it behind you now and take great steps forward,” Hunter replied, to which Archer responded, “Love you brother.”

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Hunter then appeared to call the Department of Justice as “motherf—ers” and said he and his friend will “have the last laugh.” “I swear to god we’ll have the last laugh,” Hunter said. Archer then said, “I know. And I mean it. Can I please come see you now that I’m not a felon!?! Don’t answer that. Just when and where?”

The First Son then said jokingly that he liked Archer “better as a felon.”

Archer will be appearing before the Congressional committee in a closed door meeting where he will reportedly tell lawmakers about the POTUS’ interactions with dozens of Hunter’s business associates while he was vice president.

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“Devon Archer believes strongly in the rule of law and the democratic system, and is prepared to answer the Committee’s questions just as he has already answered similar questions from a federal grand jury, the Department of Justice, and several other government agencies in their investigations concerning the Biden family,” Archer’s attorney, Matthew Schwartz, said this past week in a statement.

The text exchange mentioned above, in addition to thousands of emails exchanged between Hunter, Archer and dozens of business associates over the course of a decade will be focused on by lawmakers as Archer goes before the committee to testify.