Bryan Kohberger, the Idaho quadruple murders’ suspect, has been arrested almost two months after he left the quaint town of Moscow in shock when he stabbed four students in a home in early November.

Since his arrest, a number of Instagram accounts have popped up under his name, but social media is divided on which is the real account of the Washington State University criminology student. Currently there are around 15 accounts on Instagram carrying Kohberger’s name.

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One Twitter user has found out that one of the aforementioned accounts has been following two of the victims, Kaylee Goncalves and Madison Mogen, on the Meta-owned social media platform.

Said user wrote, “Just did some snooping. Bryan Kohbergerr, the guy who was just arrested as a suspect in the murder of the four Idaho college students, followed both Kaylee Goncalves & Madison Mogen here on Instagram.

He WASN’T following the couple, Xana Kernodle & her boyfriend Ethan Chapin.”

Another user said, “I’m sure some of them are fake but the Bryan_kohberger1 account had a lot of followers and they all seemed like real people. Oddly enough that account is gone now, but the Bryan.kohbergerr one is still up and he’s got a lot of followers that seem real on that one too.”

In another angle the case has taken, a podcast host with the Twitter handle @T_REV757 has released an audio clipping where a person talks with him about getting away with murder.

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The podcast host has said that he is not sure whether the voice is of the Idaho murders’ suspect. He also said, “now everyone is saying this is the killer but i do not know”.

Neither the state police nor the FBI has yet released any detail about Kohberger’s motive behind the murders.