Prime Minister Narendra Modi is scheduled to address the US Congress for the second time while on his first official state visit to the US.

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Prior to this, US President Joe Biden and other prominent delegates held crucial bilateral conversations at the White House with Prime Minister Modi, which led to the creation of crucial alliances and the signing of significant agreements.

Before the speech, three Democratic congresswomen, Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, have stated their intention to boycott the joint session on Thursday. The Modi administration is accused of repressing the nation’s religious minorities, according to accusations made by Congresswomen. As there have been multiple instances that led to protests in India, from CAA/NRC to accusations of sexual harassment on BJP’s MP from women wrestlers.

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Numerous Twitter users have used the medium to react to and ask questions regarding Prime Minister Modi’s speech as it gets closer and he prepares to deliver it in the United States. Users have been sharing their thoughts and questions on Twitter as a result of the anticipation and intrigue surrounding the language choice. 

One user wrote, “Unexpectedly, Modi speaks in English instead of Hindi for his address. He may move to Hindi later.”

“Hindi in USA? It is ironic that the only person who has completed a “Entire political science” degree in the country does not know English. Please don’t ask him to show his degree. @ArunSFan @BJP4India @INCIndia @KapilSibal,” another user tweeted.

While Prime Minister Narendra Modi frequently delivers speeches in Hindi, it is important to note that he is proficient in English and appears comfortable addressing audiences in the language. There have been instances in the past where Prime Minister Modi has chosen to address people in English, showcasing his linguistic versatility.

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One notable occurrence took place in 2014 during his visit to Australia, where Modi delivered a nearly 7-minute long speech in English. His ability to communicate effectively in English on foreign soil was widely praised, demonstrating his adeptness in connecting with diverse audiences and emphasizing his global presence as a statesman.