On July 4th, most presidents, both present and past, participate in the celebratory and unifying elements of the national holiday by commemorating the principles of US society that bind its citizens together. Donald Trump is an additional factor.

A filthy remark directed at President Joe Biden and the tens of millions of Americans who supported him in 2020 was reposted by the former president on Truth Social during his July 4 outburst at his adversaries.

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He called the president a “very dangerous idiot in the White House” later on in his holiday outburst.

Additionally, he shared a strange image of himself thrust into the Revolutionary War, leading online commenters to compare him to the famed US traitor Benedict Arnold rather than the Founding Fathers.

Other Trumpworld news includes a $18 million settlement with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) by the business that intends to join with Truth Social.

The SEC investigation into whether Digital World Acquisition Corp (DWAC) had discussions with the parent company of Truth Social before to going public was concluded with the announcement of the tentative settlement made on Monday by DWAC.

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Chris Christie increased his verbal abuse against Donald Trump as the former president is now under investigation for how he handled secret information.

The former governor of New Jersey warned the New York Times that Mr. Trump would undoubtedly become more volatile as he fought to avoid going to jail.

After the former president was heard boasting in a recording that was leaked that he had maintained documents about a military strike on Iran after leaving office even though he knew they were classified, Mr. Christie spoke out.

The former governor of New Jersey claimed that Trump’s ego prevents him from skipping the primary debate.