Former first lady Melania Trump took to Twitter to wish the nation a happy Independence Day on July 4th but her tweet was trolled on social media.

Melania wrote “Happy Independence Day” with an American flag emoji on Twitter. However, attached to her tweet was an NFT of US memorabilia, as the ex-FLOTUS promoted the same through her official Twitter page. It also had a link to where one can purchase the said memorabilia.

“A Celebration of our Nation’s Independence Home of the Brave will be gifted to owners of the entire six-piece Collection,” the retweet read.

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Understandably, people did not take well to Melania selling NFT through her Fourth of July tweet. Here are a few reactions to her tweet:

This is not the first time that Melania has promoted NFTs. On June 29, Melania posted on Truth Social that she’s released a new NFT collection titled “Yearning to Breathe Free,” according to Intelligencer. The collection was touted as “limited-edition” set of patriotic collectibles available through

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There is also the more controversial instance last year. At the time, she released a Head of State Collection fashion-based NFT drop that earned around $170,000 at auction. However, internet sleuths discovered some disparities. They claimed that either Melania or someone from her team was the winning bid. It could have been a level ploy to inflate the price of their assets, according to The Chainsaw.

NFT stands for a “non-fungible token.” It is an asset that’s created and sold as a form of art. Just like cryptocurrency, NFTs do not have a physical form. According to Forbes Advisor, people have spent a fortune on them in the past.