Melania Trump stood out at the funeral of former First Lady Rosalynn Carter by opting for a gray coat, in contrast to the other former first ladies, Michelle Obama, Laura Bush, and Hillary Clinton, who all chose somber black attire. Trump arrived at the private tribute service donning a tweed overcoat with a small belt, cinched at the waist, revealing her bare legs and black heels that flowed down to her mid-calf. Throughout the event, she maintained this look, holding onto black leather gloves and styling her hair in loose, curly locks.

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In contrast, Michelle Obama wore a black turtleneck with matching pants and a black blazer, complemented by a ponytail, black kitten heels, and silver chunky hoops. Laura Bush opted for a three-quarter sleeve black dress, paired with an oversized pearl necklace and black open-toed shoes. Hillary Clinton sported a buttoned-up oversized sweater coat with black slacks and heels. Despite the differing fashion choices, all four former first ladies sat together to honor the late Rosalynn Carter, with Clinton closest to the aisle, followed by Bush, Obama, and Trump on the far end.

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Current First Lady Jill Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris were also present, both wearing black attire. Notably, Melania Trump, whose husband, former President Donald Trump, was absent, appeared to be one of the few attendees not adhering to the traditional funeral color. The attendees, including President Joe Biden and Bill Clinton, paid their respects at the private tribute service held at Glenn Memorial United Methodist Church in Atlanta, where Jimmy Carter, celebrating his 99th birthday the previous month, made a rare appearance to honor his late wife.