Former President Donald Trump made confusing remarks at a rally in South Carolina on Sunday, mistaking George W. Bush and Jeb Bush. Some social media users were worried about his mental capacity as a result of this instance.

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Trump said, “You know he was a mili – he got us into the Middle East… Right,” during his speech in Summerville. He accidentally said “Jeb Bush” rather than “George Bush,” who served as president throughout the Iraq War.

Several X users slammed Trump for his statement. One user wrote, “Confuses GW Bush and Jeb Bush,  lies about his polls again, jibber jabbers, pretends to buy a firearm, which he cannot lawfully do and would be barred by his own RED FLAG laws anyway. He’s losing it.”

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“You know you could remind Trump that Jeb Bush was NEVER president. Orange blob muttered that one the other day” one user tweeted.

One user wrote, “Trumps Jeb Bush comments only prove what we already knew. His dementia and paranoia has really advanced. His cult worshippers should be aware that feeding into his mental illness is dangerous. Do the right thing and stop this insanity. Get some help.”

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Trump is currently on a South Carolina visit. He and representative Marjorie Taylor Greene visited the Palmetto State Armory while in South Carolina to look at the many weapons that were for sale. 

Trump even thought about getting a Glock pistol with his likeness on the grip. Additionally, he posed holding a unique gun marked “Trump edition” with his likeness on the handle and “Trump 45” on the chamber. Trump was seen with Jamin McCallum, the company’s creator, and Julian Wilson, a co-owner of Palmetto State Armory, in pictures and videos shared on social media.