The investigation into a hush money payment to adult film star Stormy Daniels by the Manhattan district attorney has gained fresh momentum, and Donald Trump may soon become the first sitting or former president in American history to be charged with a crime. Social media users are now comparing Trump’s hush money controversy with the infamous Bill Clinton-Paula Jones hush money controversy.

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It all started in 1994, when Paula Jones sued Clinton for sexual abuse. The President’s lawyers tried to postpone the suit until after his presidency ended, but the Supreme Court ruled in 1997 that the case could go forward against the President. The Jones’ legal team’s plan included demonstrating a pattern of sexual misconduct on the part of the Governor/President. Her team discovered proof that Clinton had sexual relations with Monica Lewinsky, a White House intern. When Clinton discovered that Lewinsky was on the list of witnesses, he urged her to file a false affidavit, use cover stories, hide gifts he had given her, and try to find her work in order to influence her testimony.

  1. In the 1990s, the affair between the two sparked international outrage and led to Clinton’s impeachment. It was subsequently revealed that the president had “relations” with Monica Lewinsky, a young intern. Linda Tripp, Lewinsky’s friend and coworker, had been covertly recording conversations in which she confessed details.

Lewinsky denied having a sexual relationship with the president when she was summoned to provide a written statement for a sexual harassment case filed against him by civil servant Paula Jones (which was subsequently dismissed). Under oath, President Clinton also rejected the affair. This is what resulted in perjury accusations.

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Social media users are comparing the political scandals across two eras and tweeting –

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Meanwhile, Donald Trump is organizing a full-fledged rally in Waco, Texas on Saturday, March 25, despite reports that he will be arrested in the Stormy Daniels hush money case. If the former president is arrested, the protest will most likely be canceled or led by someone else.