U.S. President Joe Biden received a harsh reception in Florida as protesters passionately voiced their dissent during his motorcade’s passage. Shouting profanities, the demonstrators expressed their discontent in a vocal display of public disapproval.

“F*** you. F*** you. F*** you,” echoed the chants as President Biden’s motorcade made its way through the Florida streets.

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Despite being hailed as the “most popular president in American history,” according to his supporters, President Biden’s approval ratings continue to languish at just 40%. Additionally, concerning signs loom on the horizon for the President as various polls indicate a tight race between him and former President Donald Trump in the 2024 election.

The occasion for President Biden’s visit to Florida was to assess the damage wrought by Hurricane Idalia in the northern part of the state. He took the opportunity to offer solace to residents affected by the storm. However, conspicuously absent from his itinerary was a meeting with Ron DeSantis, Florida’s Republican governor and a potential rival in the upcoming presidential election.

Initially, President Biden had informed reporters that he intended to meet with Governor DeSantis during his trip. However, DeSantis’ spokesman, Jeremy Redfern, later clarified that no such meeting had been planned. Redfern cited the substantial security preparations required for such an encounter, which could have disrupted ongoing recovery efforts in the hurricane-stricken region.

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Governor DeSantis, who is 44 years old, chose to spend his day about 50 miles south of President Biden’s visit, touring small communities along Florida’s Gulf Coast, according to his official schedule. This decision reflects DeSantis’s active pursuit of the 2024 Republican presidential nomination, where he currently trails former President Donald Trump in opinion polls.