A food delivery agent from Uber Eats was seen wandering inside a basketball court in the middle of a college game on Wednesday. The unidentified delivery man was in search of someone who had placed a Mcdonald’s order at the arena.

According to media outlets, the instance happened during the Atlantic 10 matchup between Loyola Chicago and Duquesne. The game was briefly paused as the organizers dealt with the situation.

A video of the instance went viral on the internet. Many people took to Twitter and claimed that the delivery food agent wandered for about 10 minutes before delivering the order midgame. According to ESPN, the McDonald’s order was delivered to a referee who had placed the order.

While the audience was left speechless, a commentator was heard saying, “Was he going to deliver the McDonald’s to somebody on the court? Can we rule that out?”

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The instance evoked different responses from the people. While many people appreciated the delivery guy’s dedication, some also raised concerns over security. No information was available about how the delivery guy was allowed to enter the game.

A user tweeted, “So, instead of paying for a ticket to a game all I have to do is grab a happy meal and slap a Uber eats label on it? How’d he get into the building?”

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Another user wrote, “I think “Delivery Person walking onto the court to deliver UberEats” is an all-time college basketball moment. Like, maybe right below the Jalen Suggs half-courter from a couple of years ago? Shout out to Pittsburgh man. What a beautiful place.”

The third user asked, “Did the person who ordered Uber Eats courtside at this game have to pay for a ticket for the delivery person, how does this work.”