Donald Trump is holding a rally in Waco, Texas on Saturday. According to RSBN news, the supporters of the former President are in for a treat this easter. Apparently, he has a special Election Day gift for his fans in form of a ‘Free Trump Mystery Box’.

Social media is currently experiencing a sudden upsurge in interest as users try to predict what will be in this mystery package. According to the news outlet, to get the free mystery box, all you have to do is go to and claim it. Allegedly, the box will later be delivered to your house.

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While most fans were excited about the mystery box, many criticised trump for trying to bribe his supporters. A Twitter user commented on the whole scenario saying, “You have GOT to be Fkn KIDDING me!… A tRumpMystery Box” now? What kind of Made in China crap like his cheap MAGA hats is he trying to bribe his cult members for their vote this time FFS!?!” 

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Another user said, “LOL The “Trump Mystery Box” is the Pandora’s Box . . . Unfortunately, America opened the box at the time and can no longer close it!”

Many on social media guessed cynically what the Trump Mystery Box would contain, with one user saying, “What’s going to be inside? We really don’t know!” Maybe trump-used toilet paper, maybe trump toenail clippings! Get your trump mystery box today!!”

Another Twitterati commented by saying, “Just what everyone needs, a Trump Mystery box! I bet it will contain some orange tanner, aqua net, a coupon for free fries at Mcdonald’s, and classified documents.”

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On a similar note, ahead of an inquiry into a hush money payment to adult film star Stormy Daniels, Donald Trump is expected to conduct his first significant rally of the 2024 presidential campaign. Trump selected Waco, Texas, for his first campaign rally.