A freight train has crashed into the Yellowstone River in Montana, triggering a severe emergency situation. Due to worries over the discharge of “hazardous materials” into the river, officials have urgently advised locals to reduce their water usage.

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The incident happened about 110 miles northeast of Yellowstone National Park in an inhabited area of the Yellowstone River Valley. The response operations are being assisted by the Montana Disaster Emergency Services, who have been informed. Federal Railroad Administration representatives are also on the scene to evaluate the situation.

According to David Stamey, the chief of emergency services in Stillwater County, the train’s carriages were transporting asphalt and sulfur. While they evaluate the potential risks involved, authorities have temporarily shut down drinking water intakes downstream as a precaution.

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Stamey informed the workers that there is no imminent danger because the raging river was diluting the dangerous stuff.

According to a statement from Andy Garland, the spokesperson for the Montana Rail Link, the train crew was unharmed, and no injuries were reported following the collapse of the bridge. Several tankers were partially submerged in the river early on Saturday morning, according to Garland. Crews have been sent to the area in Stillwater County, which is about 40 miles west of Billings and close to the town of Columbus.

Garland said, “We are committed to addressing any potential impacts to the area as a result of this incident and working to understand the reasons behind the accident.”

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Officials have put emergency procedures in place at water treatment facilities in Yellowstone County, which is close to the affected area, in response to the “potential hazmat spill.” They have also asked locals to practice water conservation. According to Garland, an inquiry is being conducted to determine what caused the bridge to collapse.

The cause of the accident has not been identified yet.