New York Republican George Santos has faced a barrage of accusations, including resume embellishments, strange falsehoods, and alleged misconduct.

Who is Kitara Ravache?

Among the revelations is that, during the aughts when he lived in Brazil, Santos reportedly engaged in drag performances, adopting the stage name Kitara Ravache. According to friends who spoke to Reuters, he actively participated in the drag scene, performing at events such as the first gay pride parade in Niteroi in 2005 and even competing in a drag pageant in Rio in 2008, from which he allegedly returned with a substantial amount of money.

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One friend, Eula Rochard, recounted her close association with Santos during his drag performances and mentioned that he aspired to be crowned Miss Gay Rio de Janeiro. Despite the glamour associated with the drag scene, Rochard characterized Santos as a perpetual dreamer and noted that he had a history of being a liar.

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In an interview, Rochard stated that she had known Santos since their teenage years, claiming that he lacked the qualities necessary for a professional career. She also disputed his self-proclaimed attendance at the prestigious Horace Mann School in the Bronx during his drag years.

Santos has denied the drag performance allegations, but they add to a series of controversies surrounding his personal and professional life. Despite being the first openly gay Republican to win a House seat as a nonincumbent, Santos has taken socially conservative stances, supporting Florida’s “Don’t Say Gay” law, which restricts discussions on gender identity in classrooms. The evolving narrative around Santos underscores the complexity and contradictions within his public image.