Police in Georgia found a county commissioner, Felicia Franklin, passed out on the sidewalk, and she later became violent with paramedics who tried to help him. 

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The terrible September event was caught on body cam footage that was now made public. Officers discover Clayton County Board of Commissioners Vice Chair Felicia Franklin outside a sports bar in the footage. After that, she is thrown into an ambulance and begins to thrash and argue angrily, refusing to comply with the medical staff.

As per reports, a few days after the event, Franklin was interviewed by the police again, and this time, they told her that they had evidence that she had five drinks, despite her claim that she had only had a glass of wine and a cocktail. 

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Franklin had initially stated, claiming a “deeply personal and troubling experience,” that she had been drugged with a date rape chemical. Her story was refuted by the police, who claimed there was no indication of the substance in her system. Rather, she tested positive for cannabis and alcohol. In addition, footage taken inside the sports bar showed Franklin dancing and receiving drinks.

As reported by DailyMail, Felicia Franklin was removed from her Vice Chair role once the incident was made public, but she is still a county elected official.

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The incident happened on September 29, in the evening, while Franklin was at a function. Outside the 404 Sports Bar and Grill in Morrow, Georgia, police found her unconscious. She can be seen on bodycam film yelling and sobbing, questioning the substances she may have been given, and then angrily attacking rescue personnel. Staff had to hold her hands and confine her to an ambulance bed as her conduct worsened.

Franklin begged to be left alone by the staff, and occasionally asked them to call her mother during the ordeal. She responded defiantly when an officer told her she was going to jail.