Shots have been fired in the area of Fairview and Nantmeal Roads. The incident is being linked with the escaped prisoner Danelo Cavalcante. No injuries have been reported. A chopper is now searching the area where police reported hearing gunshots.

Danelo Souza Cavalcante, an escaped murderer, triggered a law enforcement response in rural southeastern Pennsylvania. On Monday night, he entered an open garage in the northwestern part of the search area near Philadelphia and stole a .22-caliber rifle and ammunition. When confronted by the homeowner, who fired multiple shots, Cavalcante fled. Police have closed roads, advised residents to secure their homes, and established a new search zone in the ongoing two-week manhunt.

Around 10:10 p.m., a resident made an emergency call reporting that a shirtless individual had entered his garage and taken hold of a rifle situated in one corner, revealed Pennsylvania State Police Lt. Col. George Bivens during a press conference. The homeowner discharged his pistol at Cavalcante as the fugitive made his escape, but there is currently “no evidence to suggest” that the escapee sustained any injuries, according to Bivens.

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Additionally, a green sweatshirt and a white tee shirt were discovered near the homeowner’s driveway, Bivens mentioned.

“It appears he’s primarily focused on survival and evading capture at this point,” Bivens commented.

Earlier, Cavalcante had eluded authorities in a southern search area, stealing a dairy delivery truck and seeking assistance from former colleagues. Currently, around 500 law enforcement officers are involved in searching and guarding an 8-10 square mile area in northern Chester County, approximately 30 miles northwest of Philadelphia. More officers are being mobilized, with road closures and checkpoints for vehicle inspections.

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Lt. Col. George Bivens stated there is no evidence that Cavalcante was injured during the homeowner encounter. Prior to this incident, a motorist had alerted police to a man resembling Cavalcante crouching near a road by a line of trees in the dark. Following footprints matching his prison shoes and a reported theft of work boots from a nearby porch, Bivens speculated that Cavalcante was evading pursuers and searching for a hiding place when he entered the open garage.